community garden

had  a  busy  day  on  the  community  garden today,  still  got  some  jobs  to  get  done as  before  long  the  growing season will  be  on  us,  a  few  folk on  the  site  they  have  had  loads  of  manure delivered to  the  site so  they  have  been  busy  moving  it  on  to  their  plots, i  have  sent  off  for  some  seeds but  will  be  getting  some  more and  will  be  looking  for  onion sets  and  shallots and  tatties.  the  weather has  been   not  to  bad  more  frost    and  not  so  much  snow this  year  so  we  have  been  very  lucky, our  plot has  been covered so  this  should  help  with the  weeds, this  year  we  used some  cardboard for  covering and  plastic as  well the  plastic  can  be  used  again the  cardboard  can  just  be  dug  in  when  we  are  doing  the  ground  prep, we  have  one  or two  jobs to  do  on  our  plot before  the  season  starts one of  the   jobs is  the posts we  use  for  the  beans  and  peas have  to  be  treated  again this  should  not  take  long i  have  them  in  the  polytunnel to  keep  them  dry, other  job  is  spread  the  last  of  the  compost  heap  out.

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